5+ Best Mask For Delhi Pollution Under Low Budget!

Currently, New Delhi is the most polluted state of India, there are many reasons for this include wood-burning fires, fires on agricultural land, exhaust from diesel generators, dust from construction sites, burning garbage and illegal industrial activities in Delhi.

Also, in the month of November, the incidents of stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana causing an ‘increase in pollution.

Let’s start with the list of 5 best mask for Delhi pollution under budget.

Mask For Delhi Pollution

Best Mask For Delhi Pollution At Cheap Price!

The below is the list of  5 Best Mask For Delhi Pollution Under Low Budget which you buy online to protect yourself from polluted air.

Here is the list of best anti-pollution masks to keep yourself safe from polluted air around. If you were looking for the best masks for pollution, check this list of best air pollution masks.

Best Anti-pollution masksPriceBuy Here
Prana Air MaskRs. 3000Buy Here
Atlanta Healthcare MaskRs. 1400Buy Here
idMASK2Rs. 3000Buy Here
Vogmask Masks N99Rs. 2200Buy Here
CRUSADERS Mask N99Rs. 1259Buy Here
Repeller N99Rs. 499Buy Here
Honeywell Face MaskRs. 799Buy Here
Dettol Siti ShieldRs. 200Buy Here
BodyGuard PM 2.5 Anti Dust and Pollution Face MaskRs. 115Buy Here
  • 3M 9004 IN Particulate Respirator Mask [Pack of 10]

Best Mask For Delhi Pollution

Another mask made by 3M, which is lighter than the N95 8210. This will protect it a little less from air pollution. This mask filters 90 percent, that is, 0.3-micron molecules.

It is easy to fold mask, in addition to having a nose clip, which you can configure according to you. You can launch 3M N95 using it.

You can’t clean it even with water. However, the elastic strap of the N95 8210 mask will give you a better fit. You will find it easily on the 3M line, but remember one thing, it is not a typical N95 mask.


  • Filtering efficiency ranging from 80 percent against 0.3-micron sodium chloride particle.
  • It can be folded.
  • AS/NZ approval, P1 class of filtering efficiency, CLI tested.
  • Pack of 10.
  • weight: 80 gms.
  • 3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95 Mask [Pack of 5]

Mask For Delhi Pollution


This is easy to find a mask on the market that 3M has manufactured. You can choose to take the N95 8210. It is capable of cleaning up to 95 percent of molecules larger than 0.3 microns (PM2.5 means smaller particles, equivalent to 2.5 microns).

It is an easy to fold mask that you can store in your purse or purse. Although its elastic strap is slightly tight, it helps the mask retain its place.

The mask has a small sponge (foam-padded nose) on the top and a nose clip that can be fixed, which you can configure according to your needs.

In addition to this, the N99 mask is also available in the market. This mask is for those who have respiratory problems. This mask is useful for filtering 99 percent of the molecules.


  • NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency.
  • Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment.
  • Cushioning nose foam.
  • Adjustable nose clip.
  • Lightweight construction promotes.
  • Advanced electrostatic media is designed for ease of breathing.
  • Vogmask Tan C2V Organic Reusable Anti Pollution Mask

Mask For Delhi Pollution

You must have seen these masks on the market, which are striking and dark in color. These are available in many varieties. If observed in the specification, these N99 certified masks filter 99 percent of the molecules, which are smaller than 0.3 microns.

The fabric straps are covered around the ears, which is also very comfortable. You can wear these masks for a long time. This prevents sulfur dioxide and stench from entering, which the two masks mentioned above do not.

You can also make masks without ventilation holes or doors. It also has single or double perforated masks available to you. You can use a single hole or a door mask every day.

At the same time, double orifice or door masks can be used while riding a bicycle or running, etc. These are some exercises that accelerate the beating and breathing.

These masks can be weighed in your pocket. These masks are made especially for children, which you can also clean with water.


  • Protection for PM 2.5 particles in air pollution and other microscopic airborne contaminants.
  • The dual exhalation valve facilitates the exit of moisture and CO2 from the interior of the mask.
  • Sizes available Small 11 – 30 Kg || Medium 31-65 Kg || Large above 65 Kg.
  • 95% particle filter and carbon filter.
  • It helps reduce exposure to airborne biological particles and filters odors.
  • These are reusable for about 3-6 months depending on air quality conditions.
  • Dettol Pollution Mask N99 Cambridge Reusable, Washable, Durable Mask

Best Mask For Delhi Pollution

It is a mask made in association with Atlanta Healthcare and Cambridge Mask Company, based in Delhi. The signature in the United Kingdom was confirmed by the former director of Vogmask in China.

It is also certified by N99, which you can buy online. These are available in quite attractive designs. These are available in No Valve (Aperture or Door), One Valve or Two Valve on the market for Rs 2000.

In addition to this, you can buy them in all sizes, which are present in small to extra large sizes.


  • Filtration Technology filters almost 99.9% of pollution, gases, and bacteria and viruses.
  • Ideal for people at risk of respiratory diseases, living in high air pollution/smoke levels.
  • Protection against harmful gases, odors, all PM; PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen, smoke, allergens, and pathogens.
  • The world’s most trusted reusable anti-pollution mask.
  • Presented in a slimline tin for storage.
  • Dettol Anti Pollution Mask N95 Siti Shield

Mask For Delhi Pollution

A famous brand, which is composed of its credibility in the market. His mask is available in the starting from 200 rupees. If the drug dealer must be trusted, he is selling a lot.

It has European certification CE0194 EN149 FFP1/FFP2. Innovated in Singapore, the Dettol Siti Shield Smart Mask is engineered in 3 sizes (S size, M size, L size) to create a superb fit for a broad age range, even for young ones.


  • 98% 3-layer filtration of pollution particles PM2.5.
  • 99% filtration of bacteria.
  • N95 anti-pollution mask.
  • A smart valve fitted on the inside of the mask.
  • Tested to fit Children above 7 years.
  • It is made of ultra-soft fabric that’s gentle on the skin and provides a comfortable fit.

How to protect yourself from Delhi pollution?

Below are some of preventing measures which you can take to protect yourself from Delhi Pollution:

  • Limit outdoor activities.
  • Use special masks such as the N99 and N95 masks.
  • Use Air purifier in your home.
  • Plant air-purifying plants such as Aloe Vera, Ivy, and Spider Plant can be placed in the home and offices.


Pollution is a major problem all around the world we can’t depend totally on the government we all have to come ahead and fight against pollution.

But, for now, use a mask for protecting yourself hopefully, you will like this post on Best Mask For Delhi Pollution.

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