Godrej Eon Washing Machine Review 6kg (WF Eon 600 PAE) – 2019

Godrej Eon Washing Machine Review 6kg (WF Eon 600 PAE), It is the fully automatic front loading washing machine that comes from the brand Godrej.

The company is located all over India through more than 100 exclusive brands in 24 states and more than 23,000 retail and retail stores. Godrej Appliances is renowned for its consumer satisfaction with innovative, relevant and green technologies.

Godrej was the First Indian Company to manufacture Refrigerators and has now become synonymous with the category.

Godrej made soap using vegetable oil, which was a huge hit with the vegetarian community in India

Godrej Eon washing machine review 6 kg
(WF Eon 600 PAE)

In this article, we will be discussing the features and function of this Godrej 6kg front load washing machine and also we will cover its pros and cons. So, not further wasting up your time here is Godrej Eon Washing Machine Review 6kg (WF Eon 600 PAE).

Godrej 6kg Washing Machine Review (WF Eon 600 PAE)
  • Number of wash program: 15
  • Max Spin Speed: 800 RPM
  • Capacity: 6 Kg
  • Power Consumption: 2100 W
  • Overflow Protection system
  • 2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product.

Godrej 6kg fully automatic front-loading washer gives you the excellent wash quality with the lowest operating cost. This washer is made of stainless steel, which means that this washer will be more durable.

This washing machine has a capacity of 6 kg, which means that you can wash approximately 6 kg of your clothes at a time and this machine will be suitable for the family that has 2-3 members and also comes with an ecological balance function that automatically reduces Your energy and water consumption up to 50% depending on your load of clothes.

The spin speed of this washer is 800 RPM here, the RPM refers (revolution per minute) to this complete sentence means that if the spin speed of this washer is higher, the clothes will dry in less time and this washing machine is also It is made of rust-proof stainless steel too.

This washing machine gives you a powerful performance since a drum rotates at a speed of 800 RPM, which means that you can wash heavy loads in your washing machine, besides, this washing machine comes with 15 washing programs from which you can choose different washing programs his clothes.

The overflow protection system in this fully automatic washing machine guarantees the correct level of water in the washing machine so that it does not overflow or come out from the washing machine and its energy efficiency function A ++ saves you energy and money. Error detection system feature This feature helps you find errors easily so you can solve that problem without delay.

This washing machine consumes 2100 watts of power and also it has a child feature which prevents children from pressing any button on the washing machine this product comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • Error Detection System.
  • A++ Energy efficient.
  • Easy to move.
  • The good plastic material used.


  • No inbuilt heater is available.
  • No inverter technology used.

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FAQ’s – Related to this washing machine


  • Does this Washing Machine have Fuzzy Logic inbuilt?

Answer: Yes, This Godrej 6Kg washing machine has Fuzzy Logic it’s inbuilt sensors monitor the washing process and make corrections to produce the best washing results.

  • Is this washing machine has an inbuilt heater?

Answer: Yes, it comes with the inbuilt heater you can adjust the temperature according to your convenience.

  • Which detergent should we use in this washing machine?

Answer: You can use any HE (High Efficiency) detergent like Surf-excel, Rin, Tide, etc. There is no problem with this.

  • Does this washing machine has a steel or plastic body?

Answer: Yes, this Godrej 6kg washing machine has a steel body you don’t need to worry about scratches.

  • What is the motor power of this Godrej 6kg washing machine?

Answer: This Godrej 6kg washing machine’s motor consumption is 2100 watts which are sufficient to wash heavy load clothes.

  • Does this washing machine come with inverter technology?

Answer: No, this Godrej 6kg washing machine does not have this inverter technology feature.

  • Which material is used inside the motor winding?

Answer: Copper, the material is being used inside this motor for winding.


Finally, let’s finish this article here and hope that your inquiries and doubts regarding the Godrej Eon Washing Machine Review will be cleared or you can also check Godrej Eon washing machine price here.

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