How To Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine A-Z Explained ✌️

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Don’t worry you are at the right place we have explained it in the step by step for you so. it will be easy to understand by you but, before going into this first of all you need to know the answer to these two questions:

  • What is a fully automatic washing machine?
  • Types of the fully automatic washing machine?

If you already know the answers of these both the question a “Big Thumbs Up” from me but if you don’t know don’t worry we have explained it for right below.

What Is a Fully-Automatic Washing Machine? And what are it’s Types!

“A Fully-Automatic washing machine is the machine which consists of a single drum in which both washing and drying of your clothes are being done automatically by the washing machine”. These washing machines are expensive as compared to the semi-automatic washing machine as it comes with many features Now let’s discuss it’s “TYPES“.

Mainly they are of two types I,e “Top Load” and “Front-Load”

  • Top Load Washing Machine: In simple way washing machine which has an opening door at the top they are called top load washing machines.
  • Front Load Washing Machine: On the other hand machine which has an opening door in front they are called front load washing machines.

As there are many companies who produce fully-automatic cloth washer for consumers Like: Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, IFB, Lg, Haier, and many more others and these steps are the same for top load and front load washing machines you don’t need to search separately for each also, if you think that “How to use fully automatic washing machine without tap water then yes you can put water manually also using bucket if your tap is broken.

If you want to know How to use Semi-Automatic Washing machine then check this article. or let’s start with the

Steps of how to use fully-automatic washing machine:-


✅ 1. Plug the wire of the Fully-Automatic washing machine into switch or electricity board.

👉 2. Now, open the water tap that’s it the machine will automatically add water inside it according to your settings.

✅ 3. Open the lid add your clothes into it and insert detergent in the detergent box [ You can use any type of detergent whether it is liquid or in powder form ].

👉 4. Close the lid and choose the type of wash which you want and press that button rest machine will do itself.

  • Quick Wash
  • Gentle
  • Normal
  • Strong

✅ 5. After the wash cycle finished, water will drain out from the washing machine automatically and the machine itself add water for the rinse cycle.

👉 6. Now, after rinse cycle completed dirty water will be drained out automatically you don’t need to worry as the machine will do itself.

✅ 7. After that, the spin cycle starts automatically for the extraction of extra water from your clothes to wait until it gets finished.

👉 8. Lastly, take out your clothes in the bucket and now they ready to hang on the wire or cloth stand for completely dry in the sun.

Above are the steps of How to use a fully-automatic washing machine LG? Hope you have understood these step clearly if not still confused about it then watch the below video and yes these steps are the same for every company washing machine.

Fully automatic washing machine

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